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Welcome to The Theology Nerd! Here you will find interesting conversations, theology that challenges, and all things Biblical. The Theology Nerd is about issues that matter. Anything relating to Christianity and the glory of God is fair game, from reformed beliefs to covenentalism to current events to eschatology and more.

Theology is essentially the study of anything related to God. Could there be any larger topic? In some manner, theology has to do with every issue, every idea, and every area of life possible.  Theology matters. That, plain and simple, is our motto here. Theology matters. You will not find anything in life that is more important than what we know about God. We will spend some time soon exploring the definition of theology in more detail.

We are what you would call “unapologetically apologetic”.  In theology, apologetics is giving a reason why we believe the things that we do. It is the reason for our faith. We make no apologies for what we believe. We do not shrink back from the teachings of Scriptures. We hold to the historic Christian faith, even when it is unpopular in this day and age. Thus, we are unapologetically apologetic. You will not find here blanket dogmatic statements of belief, but the Biblical reasons why we hold to these truths. We do not endeavor to be a debate site, but questions, dialogue, and discussion are always welcome.

What exactly do we believe at The Theology Nerd? First and foremost, we follow a biblical mandate. The greatest presupposition to which we hold is that the Scriptures are inerrant, infallible, and sufficient for all our needs. We appeal to Scripture as our highest authority on any issue. Beyond that, we are strongly reformed, covenental, confessional, and baptistic. Theology is not easily done in a vacuum. Christian thought is best brought forth in community. As such, it is our endeavor to partner with other Christians.

Why The Theology Nerd? We have been talking about the theology part of this name. But, why “the nerd”? Being a nerd is an identity. It is all about not being mainstream. It is about pursuing life as an individual not as a status quo follower. It is about having the passion to live in a meaningful manner. To be a nerd is to be single-minded without yielding to public opinion or popularity.  Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali on the CBS show The Big Bang Theory, said, “So the term ‘geek’ or ‘nerd,’ it really just transcends to someone who’s very passionate about a certain lifestyle. You see a lot of people living their lives in the middle. These guys don’t. They don’t live their life in the middle. They go for whatever they want.” In my thinking, this has perfect application to the Christian life. Christianity is all about passion for The Truth. Christianity results in not being swayed by the masses. It is single-minded it its drive. Christianity adheres to The Truth, not because it is popular, but because it is Truth. The life of the church is designed to influence the world for the glory of God. It is not influenced by the world. In that manner, Christianity and nerdom are compatible mindsets. We are nerds and we are proud to be nerds.

That should whet the appetite for what we are all about here at The Theology Nerd. Be looking for big things: up and coming studies, book reviews, commentaries, Biblical tools, and riveting discussions.

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