30: 3 Decades of Worship Music


Can we have a cutting edge worship experience at the same time as upholding the regulative principle of worship? The album “30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church says yes. This is a recording from 2014 by Sovereign Grace Music. They operate from a biblical theology of worship while glorifying God through the artistic means with which He has blessed them. A refreshing and uplifting recording, every song seeks to reveal God and glorify His name. It is a welcome addition to the worship genre of music.


We have been listening to these musicians since the days when they were called People of Destiny, Incorporated. Now, under the name Sovereign Grace Music, they seek to present biblical worship in even greater ways. These songs are suited to congregational singing. Some of the contemporary genre is beyond the capabilities of the average person sitting in the pew. Other songs simple repeat the same mantra over and over again. There is none of that vain repetition with this music. Every song is purposefully written, performed, and presented to us. No matter where it is used, this cd will be valuable to you – the cd player in your car, the stereo in your living room, or the laptop in your office. It is just as suitable to the church as it is the home. Many times we make a distinction there. There is some excellent Christian based music that we would not welcome into the repertory of the church, but “30” provides a wonderful platform for corporate worship as well as individual. To combine the biblical with the creative and embrace worship is an unbelievable experience.

There is a strong theme of the kingdom of God throughout the recording. The first title is “Let Your Kingdom Come,” a partial setting to the Lord’s prayer. This could be used in almost a responsive moment in a worship service as well as a contemplative time in personal worship. “All I have is Christ” builds on the theme reminding us that the only thing worth having in this world is Christ. Paul counted everything else but dung. This song shows the preeminence of Christ that should mark our worship experiences. He alone takes the primary place of importance and our spiritual eyes ought to be set solely upon Him. “Jesus, Thank You” presents the sacrifice of Christ and our correct response. This cut would make an ideal complement to the moment in our worship designated for prayerful thanksgiving to God. All of the songs on this album can function in some manner in a biblical worship service. One of our favorite songs is “The Deep, Deep Love” that celebrates the sacrificial love Christ has for His people. It is reverent in tone and possesses a great depth of feeling. “Greater Than We Can Imagine” gives us a bit more of a rhythmic reflection on God – excellent and driving, but not eclipsing the message of the song. Another dominant theme of the album can be summed up in one of the final cuts, “I Stand in Awe.” This is a classic worship song, certainly not new to Sovereign Grace Music, but it presents the theme of our worship so well. In worship, we look to experience the splendor and majesty of God. Worship ought to magnify Christ. That is exactly what this song has always done. And it does it well on this recording. It is a fresh setting of this classic. It is refreshing without being novel. That makes it very fitting for true worship. The final song is “Before the Throne of God Above,” a celebration of the reality that our names are written down for eternity and the fact that no one can take Christ away from us. It could serve as a fitting benediction to a solid worship service with its soothing melody and words of depth and power. Through and through, each song speaks to what worship ought to be in the life of the believer.

Music that is biblical, reformed, creative, and well-done is a rarity in today’s world. We could accurately view each of the songs represented here as new hymns for the church. While they are contemporary, the contemporary element is overshadowed by the dynamic worship that the musicians embrace. Truly, these songs are great for listening to privately or participating in corporately. these songs. You will not find a richer or more vibrant time of worship.

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  1. Adam

    I’ve really enjoyed this CD, but my favorite is Prepare Him Room their Christmas release.


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