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HCSB Giant Print Bible

Recently The Theology Nerd received a copy of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) in giant print to review and share with you. After a few hours getting familiar with the layout and design, I found it a very enjoyable Bible to read….
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I Corinthians 1:8

Exegesis of I Corinthians 1:8 by

I Corinthians is loaded with eschatological references. The overall theme of the book is not end times, so why did Paul reference the eschaton so many times? Perhaps it is tied to the other themes of the book. Let’s take a look at a…
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Book Review: Why I Am a Baptist – Nettles

Book review of "Why I Am a Baptist" by Tom Nettles & Russell Moore from

In today’s book review, we seek to answer the question, “Why am I a Baptist?” Why not Methodist, Assemblies of God, or Presbyterian? Our identity needs to be maintained along biblical distinctives and this is a formative question. Why I…
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Michael W Smith – Sovereign

The Theology Nerd's review of cd "Sovereign" by Michael W. Smith

This week we gave a listen to the cd “Sovereign” by Michael W. Smith and it was a very positive experience. To be perfectly honest, we are not the biggest fans of contemporary Christian music. Most of our typical complaints…
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Hermeneutics, Part 1

Hermeneutics, part 1 -

A frequent question to The Theology Nerd is, “How do we understand what the Bible says?” Whether asked directly or implied, this question underlies everything the foundation for this blog’s existence. If we are Bible-based and cannot understand the Bible, then we have a big…
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II Peter 3:9

Exegesis of II Peter 3:9 by

A certain fundamentalist website claims that Calvinism can be defeated by one Bible verse. In fact, I think they stated that every point of Calvinism can be destroyed by this one verse. I read their vitriolic rhetoric and light bulbs…
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From Heaven He Came and Sought Her

Book Review of "From Heaven He Came and Sought Her..." at

From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective is a new compendium of essays on limited atonement. Rather than the vocabulary of limited atonement, this book has opted for the more generous…
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Editorial: Perspective on Graduation

Yesterday was Graduate Recognition Sunday at our church. Our only son, our firstborn child, just graduated high school, so it was an emotional day. As homeschool parents, we have been very involved in the entire process of what this day recognizes. We have…
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30: 3 Decades of Worship Music

Can we have a cutting edge worship experience at the same time as upholding the regulative principle of worship? The album “30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church“ says yes. This is a recording from 2014 by Sovereign Grace Music….
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John Bunyan

John Bunyan is loved by many and best known for the allegory The Pilgrims Progress. Because Bunyan was one of the earliest of the Particular Baptists, he holds special interest to us. He was born in around 1628 in Elstow,…
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